Pareto Metribolone 250mcg x 50 Tablets

Pareto Metribolone 250mcg x 50 Tablets

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METRIBOLONE is the most powerful synthesized steroid drug known to the day. Its structure is very similar to trenbolone’s one, but unlike the latter, it is 17-alpha alkylated. That is why it is much more powerful than trenbolone. Methyltrienolone, as it hardly binds to globulin, exerting its activity in micrograms. For the powerful anabolic effect 0.5-1mg dosage is enough. This product is an extremely powerful steroid, its anabolic activity is 120-300 times greater than that of methyltestosterone, and androgenic one — in 60-70 times. In fact, it is methylated version of trenbolone for oral administration.

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